mesh beads for EWI

mesh beads for EWI

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Mesh beads

Mesh beads for EWI / ETICS systems


Renderplas mesh beads for EWI / ETICS are designed to work with all External Wall Insulation Systems (EWI). Each profile is manufactured from high-quality PVC to meet the strict European standards set out in ETAG 004 External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) with rendering.

Incorporating alkaline resistant glass fibre reinforcement mesh, Renderplas beads are ideally suited for use with all insulation panels and boards. The comprehensive range contains each type of bead needed to make an effective insulation system and can be combined with Renderplas render mesh & mesh fixings to create unique insulation systems.

Application: EWI beads add strength and form to facades created with wall insulation panels, render carrier boards, cement boards, aqua panels and render. Each of the profiles in the Renderplas mesh bead range is essential to the success of a system: 

  • mesh corner beads for all facade corners  
  • mesh reveal beads (sometimes referred to as APU beads) for use where render meets window and door frames
  • board casing beads to close board edges at the base of a system and carry water away from vulnerable areas
  • mesh stop beads for use where systems terminate
  • reveal drip profiles to carry waterway over window and door reveals
Colours: All mesh beads are white and can be painted with waterbased paint.

Performance: As with all other Renderplas products, each profile is manufactured to the highest standard, complies with and is tested to, European Technical Approval Guidelines ETAG 004. They are UV-stable where exposed to the sunlight and designed to work with each of the materials that go to make up an EWI system. Our EWI beads are guaranteed never to rust and they will not stain as metal beads can. Renderplas PVC beads are also lighter than metal meaning some components previously needing two operatives to install can now be installed by one.

Health & Safety: PVC beads are completely safe to handle during application and do not have the razor sharp edges of cut metal. They are also preferred in schools, hospitals and prisons as they do not pose any threat to safety either after a heavy impact or if pulled out of the wall.

Storage, cutting and fixing: Store horizontally away from heat and direct sunlight and supported along their entire length. Renderplas EWI beads are quick and easy to cut to length using either tin snips or a fine-toothed hacksaw. They are simply fixed with plastic pins through the wing of the bead or pushed into the first base coat layer.

Packing: All EWI beads and accessories are packed in recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes. Product sizes and quantities per pack vary as shown in the table below.

Code Product
Render or
Lengths per pack Colours Datasheet
BCD6MESH PVC EWI 12.5mm board casing 6mm drip bead 100mm mesh 6 25 White View»
CB0MESH PVC EWI corner bead 150x100mm mesh All depths 50 White View»
CB6MESH PVC EWI 6mm corner bead with 100mm mesh 6 20 White View»
RB6MESH-30 PVC EWI 6mm reveal bead with 100mm mesh 6 30 White View»
RB9MESH-30 PVC EWI 9mm reveal bead with 100mm mesh 9 30 White View»
RBT6MESH-30 PVC EWI 6mm super thermal reveal bead 100mm mesh 6 30 White View»
RS6MESH PVC EWI 6mm render stop bead with 100mm mesh 6 25 White View»
WDCMESH PVC EWI reveal drip profile with 100mm mesh 6 25 White View»
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