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Rendermesh - Glass fibre reinforcement mesh for rendering, plastering, EWI & ETICS

Rendermesh glass fibre reinforcement mesh is designed to add strength to render, EWI (External Wall Insulation), ETICS (External Thermal Insulating Composite Systems) and plaster. Usually embedded into the base coat of the render or plaster it adds resistance to cracking and impact damage.

Application:  Designed to prevent cracking and impact damage to render and plaster at stress points, areas of high traffic or surfaces that are likely to experience impact or localised pressure. Diagonal strips of Rendermesh should be used at the corners of all reveals that are rendered. Mesh should be double layered where heavy objects such as satellite dishes are mounted on a walls surface.

Colours:  All Rendermesh is white.

Performance:  Renderplas Rendermesh is available in a variety of weights for applications that demand strong or very strong reinforcement. Our mesh offers a value for money alternative to metal lath and is made from cost-effective woven glass fibres coated in carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer latex that is guaranteed not to stain or corrode.  Designed to outlast its metal counterpart, Rendermesh is guaranteed to be fit for purpose for the lifetime of the render and at least 25 years.  Our mesh complies with all of the British and European standards for the design requirements of thermal insulation products (BS EN 13496:2013) and European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG 004 conforming to System 2+). Rendermesh can be used in all applications including situations of high atmospheric or background moisture, high atmospheric or background salt and is resistant to chemicals including alkalines.

Storage: cutting and fixing:  Rendermesh is fast and easy to cut to length with scissors or tin snips and is safer to handle than cut metal.  Fixing should follow standard industry practice or guidelines stipulated by the system manufacturer. Glass fibre reinforcement mesh in most cases should be embedded into a base coat of render or plaster. Make sure there are no protruding areas of substrate or EWI and lay the mesh flat against the base coat with no wrinkles or creases. Using a trowel, push the mesh into the top third of the base coat so that the mesh cannot be seen. Where 2 or more sheets of mesh are used they must overlap by 100mm where they meet. Store vertically or horizontally away from direct heat and where it cannot be creased or distorted.

Packing:  Renderplas Rendermesh is supplied in rolls 50m long by 1m wide and wrapped in clear polythene sleeves. Multiples of 30 rolls are supplied on a pallet.


Code Product
Render or
Lengths per Pack Colours Datasheet
M160EU Glass fibre reinforcement mesh
Weave 5mm x 5mm x 160g/m2
For all render depths 50m x 1m roll White View»
M220EU Glass fibre reinforcement mesh
Weave 8mm x 8mm x 220g/m2
For all render depths 50m x 1m roll White View»
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